About AS53597

AS53597 represents Hoyos Consulting LLC and Four Lakes Broadband, a boutique ISP and consultancy providing business and residential internet services, colocation/datacenter services, managed services, expert level network consulting and large-scale temporary event networks across the world. We operate primarily in the Midwest area, but with a network backbone covering the US and providing blended transit services to ISP's across the Midwest.

Network Information

PeeringDB https://as53597.peeringdb.com
ASN AS53597
Max Prefix IPv4 500
Max Prefix IPv6 100
NOC Contact noc (at) hoyosconsulting.com or +1 608 616 9950
Looking Glass https://lg.as53597.net/lg/

Peering Locations

AS53597 peers openly and agressively at any common exchange point locations, which currently include:

BGP Communities

AS53597 does have various informational and action communities available. Please email our NOC above for additional information if needed.

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